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Sum 37 climbs up in sales, new products launched! December 8, 2010

Above : Spokesperson Han Hyo Joo of hit drama series ‘Dong Yi’


LG Household and Health Care’s naturally fermented brand Sum 37 isexpected to exceed 100 billion won by the end of this year.



Introduced in November 2007, Sum 37 opened 40 outlets and acheived 37 billion won in sales in 2008, climbbed up to 66billion won, and has achieved a high growth rate this year with the introduction of the Secret Programming Essence, and expected to exceed 100 billion won.



LG is planning to renew the current four lines, and increase it to 6 lines!




For the christmas season, Sum 37 has also introduced new products for their holiday collection


Introducing the Sum 37 Oil Treatment ( 40 ml / 75,000 Korean Won). This oil treatment moisturizes the skin, gives nutrients while protecting it to prevent skin aging.  The oil will contain oil of fermented seeds, the oil being similar to the skin lipid barrier, prevents the evaporation of water and lipids in the skin and promotes the production of ceramide to counter the dry harsh winter.



An aromatherapy candle is included in the set.

Introducing also Sum 37’s upgraded line, Time Energy, consist of 4 products – toner, emulsion, serum, and cream. It ‘resets’ the skin by normalizing the skin turnover rhythm ( the same marketing concept that SK-II uses! ) that may be disturbed due to nutrition, external environment, stress, etc, to restore your skin’s original beauty.



The line consists of rosehip, thyme, rosemary, sage, lavender, grapes fermented together with six kinds of organic herbal plants (Fermented sugar cane, medicinal mushrooms , bamboo, gingko baloba, and fermented soy bean extracts).


The time energy line’s organic ingredients are inspected by the well known German  firm CS OKO-GARANTIE (the Number 1 – for worldwide certification of organic products according to different standards).

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93 Responses to “Sum 37 climbs up in sales, new products launched!”

  1. kman Says:

    yes wow how you know all this stuff about the sum37? i search on google but can not find any information in english, your blog is wonderfull!!

    can you pleas tell me how to register in lotteimall?

    • Hi Kman,

      You can’t register on lottemall, they do not ship overseas.

      I gave you the lottemall site so that you can get the korean name of the sum37 products you want. copy the korean names of the sum37 products u want and paste it on Gmarket, and buy it from Gmarket ! 🙂

      • kman Says:

        oh ok thats bad, they have everything i like to order, but where did you see they have 80 ml or 150ml?

        thank you for helping me

      • type 숨37 시크릿 프로그래밍 에센스 80ml or 150ml and u will see the list of options

        if u want to check out other sum37 products in Gmarket copy and paste 숨37 into the gmarket search engine!

  2. kman Says:

    Thank you i go look on gmarket hehe,

  3. kman Says:

    btw what means free on condition?

  4. kman Says:


    can you please find for me the youth activator night repair cream and the white award luminious treatment, then i have my list complete.

    i thank you soo much

  5. 숨37 시크릿 유쓰 액티베이터 나이트 트리트먼트 youth activator serum

  6. kman Says:

    1000 usd??!!!! omg no thanks thats to much money for me,
    got your tip, copy and pass and search hihii yeah joepie!!

    well gmarket is defenatey the cheapest at the moment. but you are right compare prices.

    yeah i think i need one more night to research then i am readdy to order hehe ofcourse i will review it

  7. kman Says:

    Thank you soooooo much!!!! this really saves me a lot of money, but do you think better buy full sizes or fullsize with sets?

    • I think u should get the whitening set, it might be cheaper than buying seperately. For some items, they come with medium size samples and cost the same as if u buy one product itself, so buy the one that gives u samples if the price difference isnt too big

  8. kman Says:

    do you know the name of whitening sets in korean?
    ya i already read your post about the avoiding taxes, but i have to read it once cause my english is very bad.

  9. kman Says:

    no i actualy using whoo at the moment, but almost run out so like to try the sum37 cause i heard this line is also very good, no breakouts!! they said.

    • Just paste the product name, if there is sets of it, it will appear on the photo. If not, just type in sum37 in korean, then arrange results from highest to lowest and you will see many sets!

  10. kman Says:

    oh yes thank you, it works are you the goeroe of Gmarket>??

  11. Kman Says:

    No its almost three days by customs i think i have to pay tax gosh, can not wait for sum37! Xxkman
    Btw. I read on your blog gmarket has sale skincare if i just wait à few weeks

  12. Kman Says:

    Oh no i read THE post its THE brand self hihi

  13. kman Says:

    just wanna say happy newyear! and a great 2011 with lots of love


  14. kman Says:

    No and i really need now, cause my whoo products alreaddy done now!

    I have a question i have a botle hwahyun lotion andbalancer new,do you know where i can sell it, cause i bought from kgoodshop but in the meanwhile i got interested in sum37 and now have the bottles i could not send them back to kgoodshop and he will sell it for me on ebay but i didnt. Hear anything
    Do you know someone who like to buy?xxxkman

    • How much are you willing to sell it for?

      Why not use it first it first or later since these products can last for 3 years? Im sure your Sum37 will finish in 3 months time!

  15. kman Says:

    Yeah you right but what if i like sum more then hwahyun? You mean mix it together? I always has a crazy thing to have use the same brands products, but if i can have the same price as if i paid for it 190usd together what do you think i better do?


    • i say start using your hwahyun lotion first then when you finish , start with your sum37 ! The hwa hyun line is pretty good. ive used it too!

      • kman Says:

        Hehe joepie i finely receive my two boxes gmarket i have to paid 60 euro tax! Bleh idid order combine shipping but i quess have moody person working at customs !
        But i am glad i receive it, now i gonna unpack it hihihi let you know how products works,

  16. kman Says:

    well i ordered two giftboxes ones box i missed one bottle clear toner, and the other was no box all the items were packet seperately! and i also missed one bottle essence lotion??!!!

    ok gonna try the productsxxx

  17. Kman Says:

    Oh no i already packet everything out and i use it tonight, gosh, i wonder do you know THE enzyme powder wash? Do you have to use one sachet every time?


  18. Kman Says:

    Wow ok suiskin can you compare it with THE whoo?
    Do you have more sum37 revieuws? Like to read your blog very much its just like à book lol before i go sleepmi always read hopeinablog And joseibi hihi

    I think i gonna order THE losec reviving Cream and THE youth activator night treatment

    • i ordered samples for youth activator, 1/4 price of the original product but same quantity !!

      I just posted a new entry on LG VS Amore !

      No, suiskin cannot be compared with the Whoo , but the enzyme wash u are talking about is the sum37 enzyme wash no?

      i also ordered stuff some sooryehan and hannule which is the whoo and sulwhasoo’s sister brand. i heard that the hannule essence is very good, better than sulwhasoo’s serum!

      • kman Says:

        Did you alreaddy used the youth activator? Is it the night treatment or the treatment cream?
        Yes the enzyme wash is from sum, like to know if i have to use it every day? Or not.


      • Yes, you can use it everyday!

        No, i just ordered the samples 30ml of the youth night activator for 25 USD, and 20ml of the day cream for 18 Usd!

        waiting for my gmarket shipment along with my other sulwhasoo whoo stuff!

      • by the way, did u message gmarket regarding the missing items?

  19. kman Says:

    No i didnt cause i already unpacket everything, can not make pics anymore, where do i can complain?


  20. kman Says:

    what cam i earn by completed receiving items? and when can i use it?

  21. kman Says:

    i dont understand i have 5gstamps?

    • when you buy some items, they come with Gstamps. When you receive your items, go to ‘overseas order’ then click on ‘Item Received’, leave feedback and review and you can gain 1 Gstamp per review! 🙂

  22. kman Says:

    ok so the gstamps will give me discount? in my couponbox i see a few, and then i can apply, but can i apply them all?

    • Depends on which coupons.

      Have u clicked on ‘Item Received’ and left reviews? That way u can earn more coupons

      You go to the coupon page, then click on the coupon you want to win. There are two types

      1) Lucky Draw 2) Definite Win

      with lucky draw coupons, you need very little gstamps to exchange coupons, but with definite win, you need to exchange a lot of gstamps to exchange for 1 coupon!

  23. kman Says:

    Yes i try its the third day now, can not say anything jet but for so far the products react good on my skin, but i can not see any glow jet like smiles do, i will give feedback after a few weeks hihi

  24. kman Says:

    do you know the difference between the losec eye cream and the 1102 eye cream?

  25. kman Says:

    gosh i dont understand i try to aply the g stamp coupons but they said i did not won and then suddenly i dont have any coupons more

    • Yes, like i explained earlier, there are two types of coupon

      one is lucky draw, one is for exchange. you did not win the lucky draw that’s why. but don’t worry there are many coupons to win on gmarket. Look at my coupon page and try one by one! i added new links !

  26. kman Says:

    ok i go read xxxx

  27. kman Says:

    what do you think its better to buy sample and see which one works better, like sample losec face and eye cream and sample hwayun face and eye cream?

  28. kman Says:

    where is the post?? i only see how to search sulwahasoo and whoo items?

  29. kman Says:

    when i place a order on gmarket can i take some of my gacccount cash?


  30. Kman Says:

    Ok thank you i place order, i bought THE samples first try then see which i like more for my skinxxx

  31. kman Says:

    Lol no i also bought the radiance cream youth activator night treatment, white award essence lotion, air rising bb cream spot corrector sample losec eye and facecream sample hwanyu face and eye cream

    Well i first try out this line other wise it will be to much for my skin and for my wallet hihi, xxx

  32. kawen Says:

    ok got my gmarket order finaly, i ordered the sum37 air rising bb cream samples and what i got air rising dreaming foundation!!!gosh,

  33. kman Says:

    Does anyone know how losec cream looks like? Is it looks like buttery with little round things in it?
    Cause i receive a sample of losec face cream but when i opened it not looks nice, like i want to put on my face, does anyone know this?? Thanks alot xxkkman

    • hi i checked mine, and it is the same too! should be good 🙂

      • kman Says:

        Hahah doesnt it looks dirty? Did your sample has a plastic seal inside?
        Cause the mine dont has. Did you alreaddy use? Which u like more hwanyu cream or losec cream?
        I read u ordered the hwanyu gift set with eye and essence,

      • Did u order that? The set was sold out in 1 week. when i bought, there was 45 left. And i checked last week, out of stock already 😀

        Try the Sum37 secret Programming Eye cream. It is very good.

        I haven’t tried the Hwanyu yet. I saw a seller selling the Youth Night Activator cream 20ml for only 20,000 won!

      • Kman,

        How do u like the Losec line? Is it good?

  34. kman Says:

    hee well i only ordered the samples hwanyu eye and face cream, i start with the hwanyu for so far i like it!! losec i dont know cause i am a little scared, by seeing the cream, its looks like its overdated??!! did you already use the losec??
    hope do you know the difference betweeen the sum 37 bb cream and the dreamy foundation?


  35. kman Says:

    oh ok i have very dry and sensitive skin, but when you take a amount is it little hard with some little round things in it??
    did you already tried the sum youth activator night treatment? you know not the apple one but the one with the stick?

    i got a lot of ohui samples in my gmarket, its sounds interesting!

  36. kman Says:

    and you know the difference between the sum bb cream and dreamy foundation?

  37. kman Says:

    oh wow you got the ginseng ampoule?!!!! what do they promis to do with your skin??

  38. kman Says:

    i also read on your blog that bb cream is not enought sun protection but do the foundation have?

    • No, according to the studies non of the bb creams or foundations or moisturizer have enough protection. You still have to apply a sunscreen no matter what. But they did not test the Korean stuff, so we can’t say for sure if BB Creams protection is enough or not.

  39. karen Says:

    hello hope,
    may i know if acne skin types can use this time-reset line? and where can i get more info for this time-reset line?


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