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Paraben Free, Alcohol Free, Artificial Preservatives Free, Artificial Color Free, Mineral Oil Free, Talc Free, Silicone Free, Fragrance Free, Organic Natural BB Cream December 4, 2010

Consumers these days are getting more and more wary of what they are putting on their face. Paraben-free, alcohol-free, mineral-oil free : these words are no stranger to us anymore. However, most consumers do not even know the reason behind these words – what they do know is that they are not good for our skin, but are they really dangerous as everyone puts them to be? Or are these just marketing ploys made by ‘organic’/’natural’ companies to destroy the reputation of other brands who employ the use of these ingredients?

After extensive research online, we will be putting up a list of various BB Creams which are ALL paraben free, alcohol free, artificial preservatives free, and artificial colouring free. However some are not talc or mineral oil free – and mostly non are silicone free.

Before we get into the list, we will go through these so called ‘dangerous’ ingredients, you be the judge. These sources are compiled from different sites on the net.


Parabens are the most widely used preservatives in personal care products; they stop fungus, bacteria and other microbes from growing in your favourite creams and makeup, especially in the moist, warm environment of a bathroom.Their names are a mouthful—methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and isobutylparaben. But over the past few years, a debate has been building among scientists, product safety regulators and cosmetic manufacturers about whether these ubiquitous chemicals, used for almost 70 years, may actually be harmful to our health.

Some of the questions being asked: Is the rising incidence of breast cancer linked in part to the fact that parabens, which have a weak ability to mimic estrogen, have been found in breast cancer tumours and can be isolated from other body tissues? Are declining sperm counts and increasing rates of male breast cancer and testicular cancer related to the fact that these chemicals can be absorbed into our skin, potentially disrupting our endocrine systems?

One recent Danish study, however, raised concerns. It showed that parabens could be detected in the blood and urine of healthy young male volunteers a few hours after paraben-containing lotions were applied to their skin. The authors concluded that since the chemicals could be absorbed, metabolized and excreted, they “could potentially contribute to adverse health effects.”

But Health Canada, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR), a U.S.-based industry-sponsored panel of experts that evaluates the safety of cosmetic ingredients, have all deemed that parabens are safe at current exposure levels. The CIR examined parabens in 1984 and again in 2005, and both times concluded that parabens at the low levels found in personal care products are not a concern. In 2005, the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Products confirmed that the use of methyl- and ethyl-paraben is safe as regulated. It is gathering data on other parabens.

Companies are increasingly switching to non-paraben preservative systems. Not because they believe that there is any dangers to them, but because it increases their marketability. With the rampant so-called dangers of parabens hitting the media, companies will use any reason to position themselves to take advantage of the situation. Even the companies will admit that they believe parabens are safe, but they want to open up another option. So please understand this: just because some companies maybe shifting away from parabens, this doesn’t mean that they are acknowledging any dangers associated with them!

My idol, Dr Leslie Baumman wrote a great article on Parabens. here / here

To read more about parabens and their controversies, click on these sites : here , here , here , here.


There are two types of alcohol – one that are good for the skin, the other bad.

There’s also two theories of alcohol – one is that alcohol is very irritating, drying and damaging to the skin, and that the other is that that alcohol evaporates once it is applied to the skin so it is just a carrier and doesn’t in fact make any difference.

There is a difference between alcohols. Some are good for the skin and don’t dry them out, some dry the skin out completely.

Read about the different types of alcohol here : here

To read more click : here, here, here, here,

Butylene/Propylene Glycol-Free

Propylene Glycol (PG, Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), and Ethylene Glycol (EG) are all petroleum derivatives that act as solvents, surfactants, and wetting agents.  They can easily penetrate the skin, and can weaken protein and cellular structure.  In fact, PG penetrates the skin so quickly that the EPA warns factory workers to avoid skin contact, to prevent brain, liver, and kidney abnormalities.  PG is present in many stick deodorants, often in heavier concentration than in most industrial applications. (Nyack, Dr. Vin, Ph.D., Biochemist; personal communication).  And Propylene Glycol is what is used to carry the “active” ingredients in those transdermal patches INTO YOUR BODY.

Imagine a bottle of Anti-Freeze in a picture with shampoos, deodorants, cosmetics, lotions and toothpastes?

Read more : click here

Mineral Oil Free

Known also as paraffin oil/wax, liquidum  paraffinum.

Petroleum by-product that coats the skin like plastic, clogging the pores. Interferes with skin’s ability to eliminate toxins, promoting acne and other disorders. Slows down skin function and cell development, resulting in premature aging. Used in many products (baby oil is 100% mineral oil!) Any mineral oil derivative can be contaminated with cancer causing PAH’s (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons). Manufacturers use petrolatum because it is unbelievably cheap.

Breast cancer and impurities. EWG’s assessment of product ingredient labels and data on cancer-causing chemicals identified three common impurities in personal care products that are linked to mammary tumors in animal studies — ethylene oxide, PAHs, and 1,3-butadiene. Since September 2004 the EU has banned the use of petroleum jelly due to the carcinogenic contamination found in products containing petrolatum. The ingredients for which these impurities are of concern are used in one of every four personal care products on the market.

However, there are also different grades of Mineral Oil – so it really depends.

Read more about it here, here, here, here.

Artificial Coloring Free

Synthetic Colors — The synthetic colors used to supposedly make a cosmetic “pretty” should be avoided at all costs, along with hair dyes. They will be labeled as FD&C or D&C, followed by a color and a number. Example: FD&C Red No. 6 / D&C Green No. 6. Synthetic colors are believed to be cancer-causing agents. If a cosmetic contains them, don’t use it.

Sure, they make your favorite products look inviting, but synthetic tints can contain a host of unnamed, and unsafe, ingredients. If you don’t tolerate mystery ingredients in your food, why trust them in your cosmetics? “Why would anyone want blue lotion?” asks Kathleen Lewis, who runs her self-named line of skincare products in Brooklyn, New York, and believes products needn’t be “unnecessarily decorative.” “What’s worse than blue,” says Pangea’s Onysko, “is white. Why does any lotion need to be white?” Many milk-hued “natural” products are made with refined, bleached oils, so just looking for FD&C Blue No. 1 or D&C Red No. 4 may not be enough.

Fragrance Free

The synthetic fragrances used in cosmetics can have as many as 200 ingredients. There is no way to know what the chemicals are, since on the label it will simply say “Fragrance.” Some of the problems caused by these chemicals are headaches, dizziness, rash, hyperpigmentation, violent coughing, vomiting, skin irritation by a cosmetic that has the word “Fragrance” on the ingredients label.

The catchall terms “fragrance,” “parfum,” and “perfume” can conceal thousands of synthetic ingredients. Nicole Maust, owner of Talulah Natural Skin Care, says that numerous reports have linked fragrance oils to such conditions as birth defects, cancer, brain damage, respiratory disorders, chronic skin reactions, and environmental damage through waste water. “Many constituents of synthetic fragrances, including phthalates, can be absorbed into the body through the skin, inhaled as fumes, and ingested when they’re in products like lipstick,” she says. But some companies, like Max Green Alchemy (MGA), use the term “parfum” for innocuous essential oils that have no other therapeutic effects. Wil Baker, the vice president of MGA, explains that the FDA allows “fragrance” to include natural as well as synthetic aromas. It might help, he says, to ask manufacturers if they use fragrance “from a plant or a plant in New Jersey.”

Talc Free

Scientific studies have shown that routine application of talcum powder in the genital area is associated with a three-to-fourfold increase in the development of ovarian cancer.

Read more here.

BB Creams (korean names included if you want to purchase it from Gmarket) :

1. 비비야  비비크림 Bibiya BB Cream (BibiyaBB크림 in Gmarket)

2. Skin Ceramic BB Cream 스킨세라믹 비비크림

3. Ecobeau BB  Cream (contains only 0.3% dimethicone)

4. Vichy Aera BB Cream

5. Swanicoco Snail Extract BB cream 달팽이 피부관리 비비크림

6. 자연의벗 BB크림 Eco.Be BB Cream

7. 자연마을 화이트닝 비비크림 Jayeonmaeul BB Whitening Cream

8. Caolion Match Blemish Balm SPF 30 매치 블래미쉬 밤 BB크림

9. Caolion Sensitive BB cream 카오리온 비비크림

10. Isoi 아이소이 Bulgarian Rose BB Cream ( Silicone Free too)


11. 르샤 비비 크림  Lesha BB Natural Mineral Sun BB Cream Spf 50

12. 프라젠트라 마더스 비비크림 Plagentra Mother’s BB cream – for pregnant mother

13. 클레어스 일루미네이팅 서플 블레미쉬 크림 Klair’s Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream

14. Dr MLE Triple BB Cream 닥터엠엘이 트리플 BB크림

15. 이니스프리 에코 내추럴 그린티 비비크림 Innisfree Green Tea BB Cream


17. 에코 내추럴 커버 비비크림 Innisfree Eco Natural Cover BB Cream

18. 에코 내추럴 선케어 비비크림 Innisfree Eco Natural Sun Balm


19. 에코 세이프티 비비크림 포맨 Innisfree Eco Natural BB Cream For Men





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52 Responses to “Paraben Free, Alcohol Free, Artificial Preservatives Free, Artificial Color Free, Mineral Oil Free, Talc Free, Silicone Free, Fragrance Free, Organic Natural BB Cream”

  1. Christine Says:

    Thanks for the list! My bio teacher was talking about parabens in class. She doesn’t shop from asia though; she sticks to burt’s bees.

  2. Hehe. So what did she say about parabens? Good, bad or neutral?

    • Christine Says:

      Definitely bad. Said it causes cancer.
      So I’ll definitely be keeping your list in mind. :’)

      • It is quite controversial as many dermatologist and skin care researchers believe that parabens are safe. Afterall it is the most researched preservatives in the world and has been researched for over more than 30 years

  3. Swt Azn Qt Says:

    Thank you sooo much for the list!!! I’ve been looking forever in trying to find at least one BB Cream that’s at least almost all, or even better, all, “chemical-free”, but I thought that there’s not a single one that exists, since I haven’t had any luck so far! May I ask that you kindly put up all the links for purchasing them? I live in Canada and I unfortunately haven’t seen any of these in any Asian stores here as of yet and I also want to buy from an authorized site and/or authorized dealer, as I don’t want to risk buying from a scam site and/or fake BB Creams! Thank you very much!!!

    • Hi.

      You can purchase the ecobeau bb cream via, the rest of the bb creams can only be found on gmarket, therefore i have added the korean names so you will be able to search for it on gmarket. For innisfree bb creams, you can find them on ebay or other retail sites!

    • Danahan ecopure bb cream can be purchased from

  4. Swt Azn Qt Says:

    Okie then! Thanks for the information and the quick reply! =^.^=

  5. N. (Natália) Says:

    This is great information. Thanks!

  6. Frckls Says:

    At last! A list of skin safe BB Creams!! Thanks a lot Hope in A Blog!
    Anyway, I’m a 20-sumthin lady and live in, I believe, the most humid place on earth. Therefore oily skin is a problem and UV protection is essential. I too would love to see radiance and age-prevention in the cream. I’m more olive but I only need subtle coverage for dark-circles and redness around the nose and smooth look. Which one would you recommend? ;]

    • The more famous, lower-end BB Creams for oily skin is definitely Dr Jart’s Silver Label (most popular), then you have Baviphat Magic Girl BB for oily Skin ( mix reviews)

      if you’re cautious about what you put on your face – Ecobeau BB Cream but it is a bit too greyish/whitish for my liking.

      Most BB Creams have age prevention ingredients in them these days!

      The Innisfree Eco Natural Green Tea BB Cream has a darker color!

      What is your budget?

      • Frckls Says:

        Errr I’m not sure about Dr. Jart. There are several chemicals I would hate to slap on my face in the ingredients list. That’s why I was exalted that you made THIS list! You can bet I have gone through the list of ingredients of most known BB brands and I can’t say I’m happy with what I found. One of the few that has the least chems I think is BRTC. Me and my mom are currently on Gold Caviar. But since we were born into a family with a long line of cancer we would really love to have one with the most safe score.
        My granny just passed away 6mo ago and my aunt a year ago. So yeah, we are converting into herbal/organic/natural things.
        My budget is anywhere above US$40. And from above list, which one do you think rocks the most?

      • I guess because Dr Jart caters to the lower-end range, therefore it has lots of cheaper chemical ingredients.

        Why not check out Ecobeau’s BB? Link : However there is Proplene Glycol and Talc in it..

        Skin Ceramics also listed the full ingredient list :

        Isoi’s BB Cream is apparently very natural but hard to find outside of Korea.

        Plagentra Mother’s BB Cream is also very carefully formulated because it caters for pregnant mothers, therefore it is very particular with its ingredients.

        If not, i’ve got friends telling me that the Bibiya BB Cream is superb too!

      • Frckls Says:

        I’d love to try all of the products on your list. The only setback is, they’re really hard to acquire. Are most of them available through GMarket? I guess the easiest I can get my hands on are Innisfree, Ecobeau, and Danahan. The rest, totally no idea. And too bad, I can’t find Innisfree’s complete ingredients list anywhere that’s in English.

        Anyway, Skin Ceramic seems pretty nice. They still have that peg/ppg dimethicone stuff near the top of the list, but the rest looks good. They even have Acetyl Hexapeptide! But then again, I don’t know how to get my hand on one.
        The same case with Ecobeau. The new formula contains talc.

        If I were to get Ecobeau, should I get the Natural or Plus one?

        Btw. I LOVE your super quick replies!! =D

      • Yes, unfortunately these BB creams can only be purchased on Gmarket.

        I dont think there isnt more than 5 BB creams that doesnt have have dimethicone/peg right up their list , or even creams! They give that luxurious smooth feeling and no other ingredients can top that. However silicones are not cancerous so they shouldnt pose a problem unless your skin is sensitive to it !

        Since you have Oily skin, stick to the Plus! It’s quite good regarding it’s oil control properties.

        Skin Ceramic is packed with loadsa anti aging stuff in it.

        Hope we helped you out

        wishing you great skin and if you have any other questions regarding other products, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you asap!

      • Frckls Says:

        Yes, I am aware of that. I haven’t been able to say any BB Cream as my HG because I really want to find the most natural/organic one.

        There are actually many almost and completely chemical-less products (moisturizers and serums). And yes, I have to ship them from abroad or ask a relative to bring me some. Or stock on them if I go outside the country. =p

        My concern between the Normal and the Plus is the color. I read a blog review stating that the Normal one is rather orange-y in color while the Plus sets better into the skin tone. While I’m afraid the Plus will give too foundation-ish face. My skin is okay and I never put on powder or foundation on casual day and still looks great with only lip&cheek stain on. I have little imperfection to cover so I very rarely need a super foundation. I only wear my MUFE HD Foundie to night parties or reception, where it’s usually dark and glitzy or I have to dressup. =D

        Okay then. I guess I’ll place an order for Ecobeau and also try to get my hand on Skin Ceramics. I have to struggle through all those Korean letters you know. X[

        And last, I just can’t thank you enough. You’re an angel!!!! xoxo

      • Actually, the normal one is greyish ash in color, while the plus is more like skin color! Don’t worry about being looking too foundation-ish. BB Creams can hardly give that kind of coverage!

        We’ll have the Skin Ceramics review up in 2 weeks!

  7. Lynn Says:

    Oh,I’m so happy to read your review!! Can you mention lists of 5 bb creams that doesnt have have dimethicone/peg right up their list?thank you*

    • Ecobeau BB Cream is one of them, and Skin Ceramics. For the others we can’t tell as most of the ingredients are in Korean and we don’t have them ! Sorry!

      • theGracie Says:

        If you have the physical product in front of you and scan the ingredient list, or can find an ingredient list online from the kr catalogue, I can help translate it.

        And thanks for this list. I’ve complied a small one of my own, but yours is way more comprehensive.

        I live in LA, so there are a lot of kr cosmetics shops around, but I’m so picky about ingredients, so I’m the customer that asks to see every product to compare ingredient lists only to not buy anything. >_< I'm sure that doesn't annoy the sales people. haha So far, I've just had to settle with a product being paraben free.

      • Hi, the only one we have is SkinCeramics but the full list is already on the official website ! It’s a good thing to be ingredient-savvy, you never know what you slap on your face will be any harm to your health in the future!

  8. Shirl Says:

    I found a site from Canada that has the Innisfree BB Cream.
    I have’t ordered from them yet as I am still trying to see if I can get any of the other BB creams on the list. I have been talking to the owner and she has been very helpful.

    • Hi you can find all the BB creams on the list at Gmarket ! 🙂

      • Shirl Says:

        Gmarket doesnt show up in English for me! 😦 Working on upgrading computer. Meanwhile, I think someone wondered about buying in Canada. We should have more than just Gmarket to deal with. More options, more shopping!

        BTW, any thoughts on O’Slee?

      • doesnt appear in english for you?

        it’s hard to shop there because everything is in korean, to search for stuff, you need to type the korean name

        the best is to use Google chrome, it translate the pages to english when you are shopping.

        Os’lee is a lower-end hong kong brand. the stuff are affordable, but you pay for what you get. the stuff isn’t amazing.. it does it’s job fairly well at an affordable price! I think they have trouble getting rid of stock because they are always having buy 1 free 1 promotions on Sasa and Cosmo-de. However i’ve heard good reviews from their BB Cream.

  9. Shirl Says:

    Does O’Slee pass the Hope in the Blog criteria? I tested only one BB Skin79 VIP+ and the smell! 😦 And alcohol too on my dry skin. Not good.

    Anyways, for the Canadian readers I have been in talks with BB resellers in Vancouver and Toronto for info. It’s good to have someone to get info from and local shipping. They have been very helpful in getting me info.

    I will switch to Google Chrome once I have my new setup going.

    • I’ll leave that question for another Hope-r to answer since she tested it ! They are all on vacation now, and there will be more updates and reviews coming on monday!

      Innisfree is probably the easiest to get there!

  10. Shirl Says:

    If the ingredient list is in Korean then how did you ascertain which brands were safe to use? It is really frustrating as I cannot find any of these without ordering and I need to see an ingredient list before I decide. My skin is too sensitive and I have no makeup to wear!

    The thing that is frustrating me the most is the parabens and the too floral fragrance in the ones I have tested so far (Skin79 and Missha).

    • Hi,

      Our korean friend helped us out. We typed no parabens / frangrance / mineral oil BB creams on naver, and we looked at each BB Cream that was shown on the results. And then we went to the official websites of each BB cream to read up on it!

  11. Frckls Says:

    I am curious of Innisfree products ingredients list because I can’t find it anywhere on the web and I don’t seem able to poke through their korean website. Urgh.

  12. Shirl Says:

    Okay, then that is a lot of work just poring over every listing! I don’t know why OrangeCo hasn’t even started to carry any of these products. Did you guys contact them? Maybe if we can guarantee them a certain amout of buyers we can a good pricing.

  13. Shirl Says:

    We need a list of fragrance free BB creams too (btw, the list above does’t mention SPF). I noticed Asian brands they really favour the sweet floral scents for their skincare.

    So far I have found Dr Jart and Dr Ci-Labo are fragrance free as well as Fancl but they don’t have a BB cream just foundation.

    I think the Clinique would probably be fragrance free as well.

  14. Frckls Says:

    Can you help me to find Innisfree Eco line BB creams complete ingredient list?? It’s so hard to find one, let alone in english.

    • I hope you didnt throw the box away this time. Remember to take a photo of it together with the label on the box and send it to gmarket’s email.

      U Have to try the secret programming eye cream. it is amazing!

  15. Shirley Says:

    I found this very informative site while looking for peeling gels. I am not sure about the formula for the peeling gel even though they say it’s for sensitive skin because it has rosemary, pine and other EO that could be irritating in a peel especially. But they insist on first timers buying a trial kit first.

    PS I put the wrong info for BB creams in Canada, it should be and I found one in Montreal

  16. Lori Says:

    Looking for a good low silicone or silicone free BB cram to try. Which do you prefer overall-the Sunnyside or SkinCeramics? Have tried the ISoi Bulgarian Rose? I’ve been looking into Japanese brands of foundation, would the skincare benefits of a BBCream like the Sunnyside vs. a Lunaol foundation. Thanks in advance, sorry for all the questions!

  17. Lori Says:

    Thinking I should have proofread that last post…

  18. Adon Says:

    Hi can you help me out here?
    Is klair’s illuminating bb cream light to moderate coverage? And is it talc free?
    If not which bb creams are talc free? Tks Tks!
    Great site:)

  19. Lori Says:

    Have you found a seller of the Isoi BB cream?

  20. monettex Says:

    What about the Boscia one? It appears to have safe ingredients, and is available at Sephora.

  21. monettex Says:

    I was wondering if you knew anything about Organic Farm BB Cream. Is it organic/natural as the name implies? I can’t seem to find any ingredient info online. Thank you.

  22. monettex Says:

    Would you be able to provide the Korean name for Ecobeau, so I can locate it on GMarket? Thank you

  23. monettex Says:

    Do you know how I can purchase from Beauty Credit? It doesn’t have an “add to cart” or prices when I look there. I want to get that Danahan Organic BB cream you mention in your article. If I try to sign up for their website it says they are not accepting new members.

  24. monettex Says:

    Swanicoco is sold on Ebay, $9.99 with free shipping, I got so excited I just bought it! Can’t wait to try!

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