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How to evade/reduce taxes on gmarket orders! November 27, 2010



This is extremely important for those of you are are in Europe or America where the tax officers are very strict.


We learnt the hard way of learning how to evade being taxed, and only mastered the art of it after a few shipments, so here we are sharing with all of you, so make sure (and hopefully!) you read this before you go on with your orders.


Rule #1

Always split your shipments in two.



When shopping on Gmarket, make sure you separate your orders in two orders.


The FIRST ORDER is the most important one, and the order which Gmarket will take when declaring taxes. Therefore, split your orders into two and put all the cheap stuff on your first order. To be sure, put items below 20,000 Korean Wons on your first order, and make sure it has at LEAST 4 items.


Rule #2



Place items which are more expensive on a second order. To be extra safe, put only 3 of these very expensive items in one order.  Unfortunately, you would have to pay for shipping twice, but it doesn’t matter as Gmarket will weigh both of your orders and ship it in one shipment, and the balance will be debited to you in your Gbalance account



After placing both orders, go to your Gmarket Shopping List. Click on Overseas Order.





Then tick on both orders that was placed, and at the bottom of the page, click on ‘REQUEST COMBINED SHIPMENT’.


If you don’t want the hassle of doing combining two orders, just put everything in one order – and Gmarket will only pick 4 items to be declared. If they pick the expensive ones – then you’re unlucky.



If ever your shipment is retained by the customs, don’t be stupid enough to send them the whole bill/paypal receipt. Gmarket picked only 4 items to be declared, therefore if you send the tax officers your paypal/gmarket/credit card recipt, you will end up paying taxes for the whole order.



What to do in this case? Simply e-mail Gmarket and ask them to scan your EMS label. Once you receive your EMS label, you will know how much to declare in your letter/or ‘letter proforma’ in french, and you will end up paying taxes for those 4 items!


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76 Responses to “How to evade/reduce taxes on gmarket orders!”

  1. kman Says:

    So if you make two boxes they wont taxed it?
    And no need send mail for verified if gmarket accept your request for combined shippingg?

    • Two boxes, but the first box must contain cheap stuff. No need verification for combined shipping. Just tick the two shipments and click @request for combined shipping@ at the end of the page!

  2. kman Says:

    What is cheap? If i order sum everything is over 34 usd?

    Actualy can you please explain how can avoid taxes by using two boxes?
    I dont understand the logica, sorry

    • haha because on the declaration sheet of the EMS label, there is only 4 boxes. And usually Gmarket will declare the items of the first box! they will randomly pick 4 items to put it on the EMS label !

      What is cheap? hmmm sulwhasoo/history of whoo samples?

      tony moly/baviphat is cheap.

  3. kman Says:

    oooooooh ok gonna try, but do you know the amount?for example under 50 usd or is 150 usd also posible?

    or better buy some samples?

    • for example if you buy 10 items in 1 shipment, they will pick randomly 4 items to declare. so buy some cheap items, that way if they pick the cheap items to declare, you dont have to pay a lot of taxes!

  4. kman Says:

    ah ok understand,thank you. will let you!! gonna shop again on gmarktet then for finding some samples,

  5. kman Says:

    gosh can not go online gmarket they are testing something or what. mmm mm maybe they transelate everything in english

    • haha gmarket is very addicting. Once u start, you NEVER stop! haha

      ANyway this happens all the time, Gmarket always shuts down during this time for maintenance !! So annoying for those of us in Europe 🙂

  6. kman Says:

    wonder do you know a phonenumber posmail in china??gosh i order two weeks ago and i still havent receive them.

    when i try to track they mentioned that its send to poland?? and i live in the netherlands??!!!
    so i emaild the seller they said i will send you a fresh??!! what is that mean? so no i want to contact the postoffice for asking what happends with the items.

    greets kman

  7. kman Says:

    I did for i ask where my item were, and why its send to poland,and if they can look for me what happend? They anwered me: can.
    What do they mean with can????

  8. kman Says:

    We inquires the afresh after shipment
    this is what they email me, do you know what it means?

  9. kawen Says:

    i ask them:
    its know two weeks later and i still havent receive my shoes, where is the packet now? what do you mean with afreash?please check for me why its in poland? and do they not send to the netherlands?

    this is what i ask, and they reply with CAN, thanks.

    omg what is this???

  10. kawen Says:

    how you know they will refund me?? i paid with my creditcard gosh.

  11. kman Says:

    / this one

  12. kman Says:

    omg i ask them to refund my money i contact the and they said to refund me back i have to wait for about 4 working days. what do you think??
    gosh i feel so stupid.

  13. kman Says:

    ok i did my first order on gmarket!!
    status is waiting for items

    i am so nervouse

  14. kman Says:

    i couldnt pay by paypall?? funny i did with creditcard

  15. kman Says:

    whats mean on request??

    • hi, you can pay by paypal ! you choose the method of payment

      ‘on request’ means that your request has been sent to the seller, once they see it and deliver it, your item will be sent to the gmarket warehouse!

  16. kman Says:

    Too late i already pay by creditcard, but i did click on paypallexpress but he doesnt do anything, i was almost spending three hours on gmarket so i pay by cc,
    i orderde white award line, the youth activatorline the losec reviving cream and some samples sum bb cream toners spotcorector, i did what you said make two order the first one i put the samples and one item for about 32000 won i didnt have cheaper and second box i ordered all the expensive ones and then after i click on combined shipping, so i hope i did it right,

  17. kman Says:


    yes i have 4 samples and 1 item, is that correct? in the first order
    and second order i put all the expensive ones in.

    i have mac computer is that the reason?

    how long does it takes before is in europe two weeks?what is your experience

    • It takes 2 days to reach Europe after it is shipped from the Gmarket houseware. If the customs lets your shipment go, you might be able to receive it within 4-5 days. If the customs retain your shipment, you will have to send them the invoice.

      IF the customs ask for the invoice, write an email to Gmarket and ask them to scan your EMS Label, therefore when you write a letter to the customs, you know which item to declare to the customs and how much u are suppose to declare!

      • kman Says:

        ok but if have lucky then the customs will not do difficult??
        But the method you teach me, using two boxes, isnt that especialy for avoiding tax? or is it 90% avoid and 10% bad luck
        just saw on gmarktet some items are:Expected
        Delivery Date
        2010-12-16 and some are:On Request and when i click on overseaorder all items are:On Request

      • Yes, 10% bad luck!! I am not sure about your country’s law, but in France, they can only tax us if the amount is over 50 Euros, so if Gmarket declares less than 50 euros in total, you should be safe!

        Yes, it means that the sellers have accepted your order and will send it either tomorrow or the next day. Those that are still on request means that the seller has not seen your orders ( since it is 2a.m in Korea right now!)

  18. kman Says:

    But using credit card is ok? or better next time use paypal?

  19. kman Says:

    oh sorry did something wrong copy not good, just forget

  20. kman Says:

    so if the shippingcost is lower then what i pay they will refund it to my g account? am i right?

  21. kman Says:

    pfff we will wait, let you know how it goes, i am happy find your wonderfull blog!!! saves a lot of money.
    and did you already try something of sum37? did you make review on your blog?

    • yes maybe i will start our review on the secret programming essence.

      we have too much products to review ! hopefully after all the sulwhasoo reviews, we will start the sum:37 review.

      we will wait for your review for the sum37 products and share it with us !!

  22. kman Says:

    So confusing gmarket send a canselation but i did not canseld anything, and they shipped one box while i ask for combined shipping i dont understand??

    • it means that one of your products is out of stock, so the seller cancelled it.

      the different sellers you bought from will send their stuff to the G-market warehouse. when all your stuff arrives, they will then put it in one box and send it to u.

  23. kman Says:

    Ok i saw a nother item from the same seller but little more expensive can i orrderd it and will gmarket send them together with other items, its was the youht activator trreatment set about 87 usd and she has the same for about 91 usd, can i order it?

  24. kman Says:

    Ok so i have to pay shipping costs for one item?? Xxx

    • Yes, so maybe you should wait till this order gets shipped first, and test out the products. then if u are happy, u can always place another order later, and u can do some research of what products u want to purchase next too!

  25. kman Says:

    Ok thankks you were right maybe wait is better, mybe they give me samples of the youthline xxx thank you

  26. kman Says:

    wow the hwanyu eye cream, tell me how this works on your eyes!! at the moment i use the hwahyun eye cream and its alsoo very gooood.
    what is the whoo massage cream??

  27. Kman Says:

    Solo confusing g market, some items market with track nr some not does it means tracking in Korea itself?

  28. kman Says:

    숨37˚ 숨 시크릿 유쓰 액티베이터 나이트 트리트먼트 40ml샘플포함6 do you know what this means??


  29. kman Says:

    is there a way out to know of a product is in stock on gmarket? before you order?
    because i tried to communicate with them but the only one can speak english is gmarket self, the seller write in korean back to me

    • No, unfortunately we dont have a way to know if it is out of stock. Many sellers forget to take down the products once it is out of stock, therefore they cancel it after they receive the order. The best thing is to message Gmarket your problem and they will deal with the seller! I have just written a post on LG’s new brand !

  30. kman Says:

    yeah i go look and read now!!!

  31. kman Says:

    what is the limited time before gmarket ship the packet? cause its still not ship i dont have tracknr.
    gosh i am to nervouse to try the new things can not wait

    • They have to wait until all the sellers send your stuff to the Gmarket warehouse, then they will ship it out, and send u an email. then u can track the item from the Gmarket ‘Oversea Orders’ page!

  32. kman Says:

    what means view receipt? and why i have to confirm?

  33. kman Says:

    Ok little update gmarket still not shipped, 3 canceled items, and 3 on request, gmarket is a wonderfull therapy for being patientsxxx

  34. kawen Says:

    hii my items are shipped jippie!!!

    but i saw i have 26800 won in my g account cash balance,what do i have to do?

    • Yuri Says:

      That’s the money Gmarket refunds to your account(Gcash) when they compare the real weight of your shipment, against the estimated weight.

      Unfortunately, I don’t think you can withdraw that into your bank account. 😦

      And that’s why I only buy certain things from Gmarket: too much hassle. 😦

    • Good !!! I just received my Gmarket parcel today too 🙂

      That is the balance of your estimated shipping amount that you paid !

      Keep the money there so you can purchase other items next time!

      You can’t transfer money unfortunately to your bank account because you have to pay 35 USD for that !

      • Yuri Says:

        Yeesh… USD35?! That’s low, really low!

        Considering Gmarket must make millions per year, surely the banks wouldn’t mind cutting them a deal and waive the fees. But I suspect it’s to keep us buying. 😦

      • Yeah, i suspect that too! However they said that they will be introducing more paying methods early next year. so we will keep an eye on that!

  35. Yuri Says:

    Well, this Gcash problem has been around for years so they better buck up.

    Also, their customer service is a bit on the sucky side. Seriously, you get the impression they could work a lot harder and get a better reputation. But too bad: they’ve kinda scared off quite a few potential customers.

  36. Hachi Says:

    Question, and if only I ordered 2 products, one is a CD and another one mp4, all together has a value of 105 usd, I still got charged customs?

    • hi, when you order only 2 items, it is inevitable. there are 4 cases on the declaration sheet, Gmarket has no options but to declare the two items. The trick is either to
      1) buy some cheap stuff and mix it together with your two items – that lowers down the probability of putting down the two expensive items on the declaration sheet
      2) place two different orders and then combine it. the first order consists of cheap stuff and must be more than 4 items, and the 2nd order consisting of your two expensive stuff. gmarket will pick the order with 4 or more items to write it on the declaration sheet, and therefore the 2 expensive stuff doesnt get written down!

  37. epiphany Says:

    Are you supposed to get any type of confirmation message when you Request the Combined shipping? I get a popup saying do you wish to combine these 2 shipments, I click OK.. and then the box goes away, but I have no idea if it applied the request or not.

  38. karen Says:

    hi hope,
    i’ve tried your method by putting in 70000 won items into the second order. But they still declared this item into the EMS label!! and i got taxed on the entire parcel.
    My first order had more than 6 low valued items and my second order had only this 70000 won item.
    Is there a problem with only 1 item in the second order?

    • i realize that Gmarket has started to pick items randomly from both orders instead of just 1 order! i think now it’s just pure luck, but to lower the probability of them declaring the expensive ones, its better to have more cheaper items, that way the chances of them picking them would be higher!

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