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Gmarket Haul Number 5 November 16, 2010

Hope In A Blog received their 5th Gmarket Haul and almost everything was from the LG Corporation! (Yes, LG like the handphone manufacturer, i bet most of you don’t know that they do produce very good cosmetics skincare too right?)  Smile

Don’t you love openings lots of boxes at one goal? Hehe..

I was sent the wrong item AGAIN. I don’t understand why sellers can’t check their items before sending it out! And GMartket isn’t useful here too. When there’s a wrong item, we need to send the item back via EMS and pay for it first. EMS will then refund the money via Gbalance. Who the hell wants MORE Gbalance? It’s useless for us international users and makes our shopping at Gmarket such a pain in the ass.

My wrong item sent : It was suppose to be the Anti-Trouble Serum but they sent the Herb Clay Pore Refining Mask (w hich i already have! ).

LG Corporation’s luxury brand called Sum 37. It is said to be the Korean equivalent of SK-II (using fermentation!)

All opened up. Boy, these babies are heavy and love the luxury packaging!

On top of that, we bought lots of samples from another LG Corporation luxury brand called The History Of Whoo ( who is on head on competition with Amore Pacific’s award winning brand Sulwhasoo ) . Even the samples have such luxurious packaging. We bought the full size Whoo Whitening BB Cream though Smile

Sulwhasoo is an amazing brand and we swear that once we finish using these samples, we will be buying the full size products. Support original products please! Smile

On a different note, the GMarket has been really pissing me off (and the customer service too… ). I was not able to leave multiple reviews for all of my shipments on Gmarket ( since the first shipment till the 5th.. ), and have lost about 80+ GStamps and 80,000+ mileage… I really hope GMarket does something about this.. before i launch a worldwide boycott ! Smile

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30 Responses to “Gmarket Haul Number 5”

  1. Lucile Says:

    Oh, do you plan selling that Pore refining mask ? And how about sharing some of those numerous samples, hmm ? 😀

  2. Yes, i will be giving those samples out on Review Giveaways so keep an eye on it 🙂

    I am waiting for the response from the seller if he wants the pore refining mask back or not! 🙂

  3. Rox Says:

    Hello! It is my first time on your blog, amazing reviews and hauls! 🙂

    I was wondering where I could purchase the samples? I would LOVE to purchase some. Also the su:m37 products? Is it all in GMarket, because I can’t seem to find anything 😦 Please help, thank you so much!!!

  4. Rox Says:

    Hi! I would also like to know if it is safe? I would love the oder the samples – if you do not mind Miss, could you please tell me how much it came too with your sample purchases – The History of Whoo? & I would love to purchase some su:m37 samples hehe. Thank you very much!!!

  5. Rox Says:

    Sorry again! Haha, do we pay using PayPal or is this different? Thank you so mcuh!!!

  6. Rox Says:

    Hello! Thanks for replying 🙂

    Great! I will be making purchases very soon. I’m wondering how you like the SUM:37 products? I heard they are amazing, but have been hearing a lot about The History of Whoo!!! The prices are not that expensive either!!! Thanks to your blog, I found Gmarket 🙂

    Oh what is a Gbalance? Do I have to put money in it? Ah thank you soooooo much!!! Last question, they ship to North America correct. I just want to have good service (hopefully in the future they do not give you the wrong product) because good service is important!!!

    Thank you!!!

    • I havent had the chance to try sum37 yet. Apparently the secret programming essence is their star product and is something like sk2s essence except that it smells 100 times nicer! Yes they do ship to north america and customer service is not bad. Try and win some coupons from the gmarket post i wrote to save on shipping. No u dont have to put money into your gbalance unless the actual weight is more than the estimated weight. If the estimated weight is less than the usual case, which is more probable, you will be refunded via gbalance. Happy shopping

  7. MADIHA Says:

    WOAH! i am drooling over these products :p

  8. MADIHA Says:

    Could you please do a full review of history of whoo BB cream?? I really want to try that but i am not sure that the color will suit me or not because i have got extremely pale skin and most BB creams are very dark for me :s

  9. Yuri Says:

    Well the products certainly don’t sound too bad(judging from the partial/full labels from FDA DailyMed Database) but I’m not too sure i’d pay full price for them: most luxury brands have like 80% to 90% markup and costs(product, R&D, QA, etc.) are kept quite low. Because see? There are lots of organic or natural products with just as many ingredients and they cost far less. 😛 The only differing things are the research, the QA, the advertising and so on. But that’s me. 😛

    FDA Dailymed database:

    Not much data up yet on Sulwhasoo or History of Whoo

    • Yuri Says:

      Crud, I meant… I will not “get the product”. 😛 Not “will not pay full product price”.

    • Sulwhasoo is really famous in korea, it’s a household brand!

      You can purchase the samples if you are not willing to pay the full prices just to try them out and see what’s so good about it that every korean women swear by this brand! ;D

      • Sulwhasoo/Whoo are not organic though. They are based on Chinese/Korean medicine and herbs!

      • Yuri Says:

        Well, I did… I purchased the clarifying mask from Sulwhasoo(my first order) and am using the Qi and Jin eye cream from Whoo (when I remember to). 😛 So far, my eye lines have been plumped up but gotta wait a few weeks to see any results. Currently eagerly and anxiously waiting for shipment to come.

        Since I used to have a really simple skincare regime before, it’s been a pain recalling all the steps: mask, lotion, eye cream, serum, essence, etc. It doesn’t help that I really do have memory problems. 😀 Ah well, to the whiteboard it is! 🙂

        Yeah… actually, I now prefer Chinese/etc. herbal systems as opposed to “natural/organic”. The former is a bit more reliable(when they do test it for impurities, formulation irregularities, etc.), the latter = very poorly tested unless it’s high-end premium brands since many tend to reject science or if not, insist on age-old methods which many not always be reliable or as good at extracting and processing.

        But a big problem with many oil-control ranges is that they put in silicone, which I suspect, irritates part of my face. Or it could just be that: putting anything irritates that part of my face… lol!

        Anyways, i have bb cream in my first shipment too: after a lot of deliberation, ended up with hanskin super magic and will use loose powder to control it. I know some bb creams are healing. 😛

      • Remember that you have to apply cream/emulsion on your face BEFORE applying the clarifying mask! I have yet to try the Qi and Jin, i’m trying the Hwa Yyun line and i have no idea what is is for, but that is the experiment we are currently doing – completely not reading any information about the product – testing it and then deducts what is for.

        Almost ALL creams have silicones in their products to give them a luxurious smooth feel to it, might not be silicones since it appears in almost every single product! Did you order the Hanskin with the new packaging? Note that Hanskin has changed their entire line up of BB Creams

    • Rox Says:

      To Yuri: I would have to disagree with you. Most luxury brands IN WESTERN SKIN CARE suck. They spend more on marketing, then actually researching. They throw all these ingredients together and make some alluring claim to the public (I have worked in the skin care industry, its horrible). Considering Korean luxury brands – they DO research! And not only that, they use technologies that have not been introduced in Western countries – for example, nanotechnology and nano-emulsification. Su:m37 is preservative free and considered natural, yet they use a fermentation process (HIGHLY effective) – and they use ingredients that are KNOWN to work and repair the skin. The History of Whoo and Sulwhasoo – are actually considered natural luxury brands that use nanotechnology – with medicinal ingredients that are effective, are stabilized, and absorbed into the deep layers of the skin; contrasts to the Western products that just sit on your skin, filled with silicones, and superficially “treats” the skin. With luxury Korean brands, its not just the advertising or marketing, the products produce results – and a number of people using these products claim they do.

      • Koreans are known for using nano technology in their cosmetics. I do know that sulwhasoo and whoo are really good brands and produces results all the time. I’ve been trying the in yang lotion of whoo lately and completely blown away bout how my skin feels in the morning. However i wish korean skincare would use natural fragrances instead of artificial ones. Thank god sum37 is fragrance free!

  10. Yuri Says:

    Ahhh this means i got the old version. Oh well. 😛 Hopefully, the new formulation will be much better and not mediocre.

    Yikes… my head’s spinning with all that info. :p

    Btw, does Sulwhasoo line have any oil-control? :/ If not, hmmm… Also, does the soap leave your skin squeaky clean? Currently using Ecobeau trial set and the rest are okay so far… it’s the foaming wash which is so drying. =P

  11. Yuri Says:

    Yah almost all creams have silicones… well, maybe i’m just sensitive to anything on that area.

    *sighs* and i used to have porcelain perfect skin too. ><;; Too much makeup and hormones. 😛

  12. Dila Says:

    Hi Hope!!! Seriously loving your blog, read every post!

    Did you purchase the sum37 products from this seller:

    There prices are great! And did they give any samples when you purchased some of their products? Thank you so much 🙂

    • hi dila !!

      Yes, ive purchased from the seller a few times, but he doesn’t give any samples. Sometimes, the box isnt included also because usually some items come together in a package, and he sells it at a cheaper price, but he doesnt give the full packaging, because he probably sells the samples that comes with it, therefore the price is cheaper than the original price

  13. Kev Jang Says:

    Just a response to what some of the posts here stated. @Hope, the Hwa Hyun line is meant for dry skin, and it claims to deliver both whitening and anti-wrinkle effects, but if you have read enough of reviews from Joseibi, you will realize that as she said, the line seems to work more for hydrating dry skin. @Yuri, Qi and Jin cream from Whoo is one of the best sellers in the brand, retailing at 120US dollars at the Seoul-Incheon airport, and I would recommend that you get it if your skin is combination and normal skin and in your early 30’s or so. At 20 years old or so, the cream might actually cause some reactions or be rich for your age, especially since you mentioned hormones. How old are you exactly? Su:m 37’s Skin Resetting line is meant to be ideal for imbalanced skin, in terms of the oil-water balance, and you might want to check that out in lieu of Sulwhasoo or Whoo. (I know what it is to suffer from hormonal upsets in puberty which can cause bad skin, and I would recommend refraining from overloading the skin with too many stuff. We have to remember that the Korean skincare steps are used in Korea in that way owing to the drier climate in which more moisturization and layering of lotion, serum/essence, and cream and even sleeping mask, helps to offset dryness in their climate which can suck out the water in the skin.)

    Hope that my advice helps. Do ask if you need any more information!

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