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Elisha Coy/ ElishaCoy BB All In One Cleanser November 6, 2010


Elishacoy is a European styled organic skincare cosmetics brand which encourages a healthy lifestyle, spiritual abundance, and modern sense. Our organic skincare products are intended to enhance both outer beauty and the beauty from within, improving the lives of individuals.
Elishacoy is a highly dignified organic skincare that maximizes the skin’s self-renewal capability. Major ingredients include herb extracts which are known to be the ‘essence of botanical healing’ with a natural aroma extracted from 100% of natural essential oil. Some of our products include the essence cream, BB cream, mineral powder, mask sheets, scrub masks and more.

*BB All-In-One Cleanser 200mL / Skincare and cleansing all-in one!
Enjoy the double functionality of massaging and cleansing with various nutritional benefits and a creamy texture for bright, luminous skin.

I have been using this BB Cleanser for about a week now – and it is fast becoming my favourite cleanser.

Product Feature

1. Make your cleansing more perfect with much stronger 2-in-1 system!

Reinforced 2-in-1 system of Elisha Coy makes your cleansing care more perfect

2. Strong moisturizing ability to draw 6000ml of moisture with 1g only

3. Science of pH 5.5 that protects your skin

4. Low-irritant vegetable cleansing care for sensitive skinPure natural vegetable ingredients are safe for your sensitive or troublesome skin!



Almost all Elisha Coy products come in very nice, clean, simple, classy packaging. This one is no exception. The cleanser comes in a plastic pump containing 200ml of the cleanser.


Massage & Cleansing at One Time

1st deep cleansing of dry face by gentle massage without water 

2nd deep cleansing of face with water, generating sufficient lather

Safe on your sensitive skin with no irritant vegetable ingredients


One negative thing about Elisha Coy products is that the ingredients list is all in Korean. However thanks to Queen Kimiko, i found the ingredient list in English , so i am going to be borrowing her list :

And indeed, i was disappointed because there you have it, sodium laureth sulfate is listed there as the first ingredient.

1) Sodium Laureth Sulfate –  is a foaming agent which is used in many personal care products – cleansers, soap, shampoo etc. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is its less toxic cousin, but not safe to use as well.  Sodium Laureth Sulfate was mainly used as cleaners and degreasant and it does the same to our skin – it strips off the natural oils of our skin and erodes the skin in an attempt to clean it. It has a relatively low molecular weight, therefore making it easy to be absorbed and build up in our body. Recently Sodium Laureth Sulfate has been put in the spotlight because it contains a carcinogen substance known as Dioxane. When accumulated in our body, it may become cancerous and it has been linked to liver and bladder cancer in animals.  To read more regarding this, head over here.

However, there are many beneficial ingredients to balance this out.

1) Betaine

It is a natural moisturizing agent extracted from sugar beet and provides skin with elasticity and luster. Those studying organic chemistry would find this interesting as Betaine is a nutrient known as a methyl (-CH3) donor. it donates methyl molecules in the body to make chemical processes work.

2) Centella Asiatica / Gotu Kola

Pride of Asia Smile. This wonder asian herb has been used in many products lately.

It speeds up collagen production and improves skin elasticity and softness. Gotu Kola is a minor feature in the longevity tradition of the Tai Chi Chuan master Li Ching-Yuen. He purportedly lived to be 197 or 256, due in part to his usage of traditional Chinese herbs including Gotu Kola.

3) Siberian chrysanthemum

With its strong skin-soothing ability, it soothes your skin troubles and restores skin health.

4) Rose Mary

It controls sebum secretion and normalizes the elasticity of loose pores.

5) Linden Flower

Its abundant mucus and tanin soothe irritated skin and reinforce skin elasticity. It is used externally for itchy skin complaints.


I am impressed with the texture of this cleanser. Infact, it could easily pass of as having the texture of a serum/essence. It did kind of reminded me of Sulwhasoo’s First Aid Serum. Because of it’s serum like texture, it is very easy to glide it over the skin for cleansing.

Cleansing Power

I tried to make my skin as dirty as possible to test the cleansing power of this cleanser. I used some BB Cream, Markers, Ink Pen, and Eye liners.

Note that this photo was taken even without adding any water yet. I just glided the cleanser over my hand and glided it all over my hand and almost everything came off easily other than the word HOPE with the ink pen.

This is what it looked like after gliding the cleanser evenly on my skin (NO water was used at all ! )

Please remember to massage your face with the cleanser to improve blood circulation.

This was the end result after introducing water onto the cleanser and foaming it. Impressive isn’t it? Skin tone was definitely brighter and smoother after cleansing with it.  Loves! Smile


I used the skin analyser on both my face and hands before using the cleanser :

Skin Analyser on Face before using the Cleanser :

Compare it with the Skin Analysis Chart :

-4 for all Moisture, Oil, Skin Texture = Dry skin Sad smile

And after cleaning with Elisha Coy BB Cream Cleanser : –3 for both Moisture Level and Skin texture, improvement by one bar. I guess that’s pretty impressive for a cleanser that’s suppose to strip of all the oil, dirt and moisture from your skin eh? I expected a –5 for all.

And with my hands- BEFORE cleansing : seems like my hands were as dry as my face. Hehe ^^

Results were more impressive on the hands. +2 bars for Skin Moisture level, oiliness level and skin texture level ! Smile Smile


I am really impressed with this product. However, compared to my favourite Decleor’s Reflet de Purete , it still lacking in just only one way : how my skin feels after cleansing. With Elisha Coy BB Cleanser, my skin feels a bit tight after cleansing, but the Decleor Reflet de Purete makes my skin feel very moist even after cleansing. But it doesn’t reach the point where the skin is dry and uncomfortable.

However, this product is no doubt one of my favourite cleansers. It’s serum like texture is great for a small massage on your skin while cleansing ( i’m BIG into massaging every time i clean and apply my creams lately – i havent had a single pimple for almost 2 weeks since i started massaging and using Sulwhasoo ) so it’s definitely a plus!  On top of that, it cleanses really well too.

Repurchase? Definitely. In fact i have already purchased another bottle of this. Just the scent of this would make me buy the product over and over again. It has a very nice light scent to it.

Worth the money? This product retails for about 28,000 Korean Won (about 18 euros). Definitely rather high for just a cleanser. However it is just not a cleanser, it doubles up as a massage gel as well. So for those of you who are on the fence : If you are someone who believes in Facial massages – i’d say get it. You can skip a step in your skincare routine. For those who are too lazy – skip this and get a cheaper cleanser.

For other reviews , head over to Queen Momoko , MillyWalker ,

Sexy Dawn . All of them loved the cleanser.


Update : here

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