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Gmarket Haul No.3 Continues.. November 2, 2010

Received my 3rd shopping haul from Gmarket today. Thank God it was not taxed this time! However, the other one is sitting in the customs office right now Sad smile

Is anyone excited for the reviews of this items? Leave a comment of which review you want to see first, and i’ll hop right on to it.

Tell me also which goodies you want as the next Hope In A Blog’s Review Giveaway!

Huge Box about 11 kgs. Carried it all the way from the post office!

Let’s take a peek :

Let’s open them one by one :

1) Elisha Coy

2) Banila Co ( They even gave me free coffee? lol )

3) Tony Moly ( was generous was the samples )

4) More Tony Moly

5) Innisfree Jeju’s Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

6) Isa Knox’s Care Zone pour troubled skin ( i should have gotten the one for pore and sebum care! Sad smile . They were super generous with the freebies )

7) Dr MJ’s BB Cream and Complete Massage Cream ( They made a mistake. Was suppose to be one massage cream and one hydra balance cream. I really do not like the people behind Dr Mj’s company. They are very stuck up and do not reply to mails )

I really am Gmarker’s No. 1 customer and i should be rewarded with more coupons! Smile Smile Smile

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8 Responses to “Gmarket Haul No.3 Continues..”

  1. lopka Says:

    OMG, you carried that box all the way from the post office?? Kudos to you =D
    I’ve never ordered from Gmarket, but it seems so nice!! Wanna try some of those creams someday!
    Thank you for reviewing^^

    • Hope In A Blog Says:

      oh yeah. haha i had no choice. no car here in paris 😦

      you’re welcome!

      gmarket is addictive. hehe once u start u dont stop. and its cheaper if u wanna buy korean brands there 😀

  2. maria Says:

    i adore to get packs from post office – its always like a little christmas 🙂
    i’m curious about all of course, but if i need to chhose – then #1 elisha coy and # 5 volcanic mask 🙂
    by the way, do you know any korean online shop (or not korean) from where i can order elisha coy to Russia?

  3. Hope In A Blog Says:

    hi maria, your best bet is the elisha coy shop on gmarket. there is an english site. and they do ship to russia! 🙂

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Oh hello!
    to me; You definitely need to win the monthly gmarket haul blog! ^.^~
    But anyways, the make-up products that you bought, how would you know
    if it’s good quality or like the correct one? cos say you want a skin whitening product but you can’t read Korean so you buy some random sunscreen..idk,product instead, thinking it’s skin whitening? 🙂

    • hi, usually i read reviews on sites before i get it.
      whenever u want to buy a korean product and u dont know anything about it, get the korean name of the product, go to, search it there, and click on the blog links. there are usually many reviews there but everything is in korean. then use your best friend (that is google translate) to translate the reviews. the translation isnt that good but u get the point.

  5. this is what you call shopping! ahahaha :))) beauty products ❤

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