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Hope In A Blog Gmarket Tutorial 5 : Where To Win Gmarket Discount Coupons ? November 1, 2010





Recap for the pages you can win Coupons this week :



Now that i am familiar with Gmarket, let me share with you guys all the little stuff that one normally wouldn’t find on Gmarket.

There is only one page for us to win coupons for international users , which is here and here.

These two coupons are Super Coupons which means they can be used on top of the normal coupons, therefore you can apply those normal coupons you win from changing your Gstamps etc.


However, go to the Korean page and there are lots of coupons all around waiting to be won!

But how do u win extra coupons from the Korean site of Gmarket without knowing Korean? Click here to find out more….

For example, to all my beauty-lovers out there , here is two links for u to win some extra coupons :


Update : These coupons do work from time to time, so make sure you click on them to try if it works.

1) Click here!

On this site, just click on the ones circled in red. (Photo below)

The ones circled in blue are only valid for some form of payment, so if you are using Paypal, the 10% and 20% coupons will not work, but the ones circled in blue will work. You can also win Gstamps by clicking on the Gstamp logo, and beside the Gstamp logo, you can win ‘Free Delivery Coupons’. These free delivery coupons can be used on items where sellers  charge a delivery fee. Therefore, if you buy an item in which the seller charges a delivery fee ( usually from 2500-3000 korean wons ), you can use this coupon and 2500 korean wons will be deducted!

Beside the free delivery coupon logo is the 10,000 korean won logo! If you’ve purchased at least 5 items from the beauty category during that month, can are eligible to enter the lucky draw. I’ve won twice for this so try it out ! 🙂


2) Click here!

Click the ones circled in blue to win 1,000 and 2,000 won coupons.


3) Click here!


4) Click here! ( Win coupons from various brands ! )


Then complete a survey : this is an english translation of the survey : ( make sure you are using Internet Explorer for this and enable pop-ups )


After submitting you will be directed to a new page which is : this, then click on which brand you are interested in and you will be entering a lucky draw to see if you have won a discount for that particular brand. You can click as many brands as you want but you are only allowed to do the survey once, so make sure that you click on all the brands that you are interested in at one goal !


5) Click HERE !


There are also lots of other coupons to be won, you just have to click and try in these places where i have drawn arrows and you will find lots of coupons lying around to be won. I have noticed that there are lots of coupons for fashion items.


7) Click HERE

Win more coupons here! Open-mouthed smile


8) Click HERE


Next Tutorial : Winning Coupons Using Gstamps & How To Win Gstamps


Now going on to more serious issues, there are lots of things that i am not happy about the site.

This is how i would change Gmarket :

1) Introduce more payment methods

2) Extra shipping charges should be refunded via the payment method that was used. So if you paid via PayPal, the extra shipping charges should be refunded via your paypal account. I find the whole Gbalance and Gcash very ridiculous and inconvenient especially for international users.

3) If Gmarket can’t refund us our extra shipping method via Paypal or Credit Cards, they should at least allow us to use our Gbalance and then let us top up the remaining amount to be paid via PayPal or Credit Card. It is really ridiculous that we are only allowed to used our GBalance if it is under the total amount of items bought.

4) I know many many many of my friends which have not bothered to buy from Gmarket simply because the site is not user friendly and not international user friendly. Yes, i know it’s a site catered for Koreans, but do they know how much more revenue can be generated if they opened up to the world ???

5) Sellers should list their items or brands at least in English for the convenience of buyers.

6) Gmarket should introduce more shipping methods. EMS is pricey and in France, the service is just terrible and a pain in the ass to deal with. They should work something out with Korea Post to offer a more economical shipping rate and give users more options

7) There is simply not enough coupons/freebies for international users. Look at the Korean page and the international page. It is simply very obvious they do not care much for International Users at the moment and not giving us much love.

8) Hire more native English Speakers – i’m sure many of you have had many problems with this. Sometimes they simply do not get the question making communication very hard.

9) Unlike,, and and , Gmarket does not mark down the prices declared on the EMS package which makes a lot of us in Europe avoid ordering from Gmarket because we simply have to pay higher much more.  Already we have to pay 20% of the total amount, and on top of that, we have to pay an additional 21 euros to EMS for administration charges. For example, my previous package was charged 14 euros for taxes, and i was charged 21 euros from EMS for administration charges. The administration charges was even more expensive than the taxes paid. Therefore, it would be much better off ordering elsewhere and much cheaper. Gmarket is always the last resort for us, European users.

10) There is a 5-day limit in which we can leave our feedback and get Gstamps from it, but the 5-day limit is ridiculous. Of course if you live in Korea, the 5-day limit would be ideal. But if you live elsewhere, the 5-day limit is ridiculous. For us in Europe, it takes about 3-4 days for shipping, plus the weekend, 6 days, plus the time spend in customs +2 days, declaring package + 2 days, delivery +2/3 days = more than 5 days.

11) At night, it is almost impossible to surf G-market. The site is SOOOO Slow and LAGGY !

What about you? Share your Gmarket experience here and tell us what you want to see more from Gmarket.

Next Tutorial : Winning Coupons Using Gstamps & How To Win Gstamps

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57 Responses to “Hope In A Blog Gmarket Tutorial 5 : Where To Win Gmarket Discount Coupons ?”

  1. alice Says:

    i have bad experience with one seller
    i ask them ,do u have this items in yr stock
    they said,i always ask about the items that they don’t have,it’s very ridiculous coz they list the items in their shop,if they don’t have the items why they didn’t delete it out
    i just ask for make sure
    i told them,if u don’t want to answer the customer’s question,go home!!!

    I’m so confuse , why some seller didn’t delete the items that they don’t have in their stock ,when i order they cancel it
    it waste of my time and my money coz
    the refund would be in PayPal that will be difference in exchange rate

    great to see u advice about coupon
    I’m shopping in gmarket about 2yrs but now I’m still not familiar with them -*-
    nice to meet u
    i’m from bangkok ,thailand

    • Hope In A Blog Says:

      yes, that always happens to me on gmarket too.. a lot of items are out of stock and are still listed, and what’s worst is that sellers do not respond when u buy their item that is out of stock. so us buyers assume that there is still stock and wait and wait and wait, until we get fed up and email gmarket to ask whats happening, only then they tell us the item is out of stock.

  2. Annie Says:

    I just ordered from Gmarket for the very first time today. ahh i hope my items are not OOS. =( Thanks for the tips.

    Seriously, gmarket should make their website more user-friendly for international customers.

  3. Raquel Rin Says:

    Hey thanks for the great tips 🙂 it helps alot ^^

  4. Lucile Says:

    Well I can’t understand a single thing on this website =_=

  5. Cristy Says:

    Awesome tips!! bookmarked this lol

  6. MADIHA Says:

    very helpful, thanks alot 🙂

  7. Yuri Says:

    Hmmm… I filled out the survey but then was unable to get any of the coupons ‘cos i haven’t bought anything yet. Guess there’s a credits requirement to win something on the Korean section of the site.

  8. Yuri Says:

    Cool, i’ll try that next time.

    Thx so much! =D Though i think ya shouldn’t have listed your site url on Gmarket FB cos now , i hope they won’t block non-Koreans from even participating in surveys and most discounts.

    Btw, can anyone read Korean? I want to order some wallet but can’t figure out the names for the life of me!

    Item pictures:

    Item page:

    Then again, i wonder what are some good or decent leather wallet sellers on Gmarket: just not looking for fakes or imitations, though. =P Can be branded or unbranded.

    Btw, I noticed that picture reviews(premium reviews, i believe…) are available only for Korean buyers. To view them, change “” to “”

    • Hopefullu they wont block us fron winning coupons! sorry cant helo you there with the korran but google translate should be able to!

      • Yuri Says:

        Oh well, another time then about the wallets.

        Also, have you ever managed to successfully get Gmarket to ship all your items in 1 box? how do you do so? Via facebook?

      • Hi Yuri,

        Gmarket always ships all items in 1 big box. They are not able to ship your items in 1 box because they are just the middle person. If you buy from different sellers, the sellers will send those items to Gmarket, and Gmarket will place all the boxes into one big box to be sent to you. YOu can ask them to alter the weight of items via their facebook page. And you are able to combine 2 orders into one shipping ( which can help you evade paying taxes! – look at blog post regarding this) !


  9. Yuri Says:

    Btw, I really hate that when you load the Shopping basket, all the items are ticked and if you accidentally click on the wrong button, everything will be deleted! !@#@!# Because of that, i’d to waste another 8 to 12 hours recalling and readding everything.

    Personally, i suspect the management does NOT really care about customer service except for the amount of profits they can make. If they really cared about attracting more buyers, they would hire more staff and make far more contents available in English.

    Bad, bad, bad Gmarket!

    • Yes. It happened to me a lot of times i got so annoyed. Now i learn my lesson by adding them to my wish list before i add them to my cart! Gmarket will be introducing more paying methods by dec so lets see what they will come up with. Now that ebay is the co owner of gmarket lets hope they are revamping the site so its much easier

  10. Kman Says:

    So what i read is before buying first ask if they have it in stock?
    And if all Delorge send your buying items to gmarket how long this proses Will take before its Arive ?

    • Most sellers in Gmarket do not reply to mails.. so just buy it from them, if it takes a long time to ship, email Gmarket and ask them to deal with the seller.

      EMS takes about 2 days to arrive at your destination, then after that it depends on Holland’s postal system and also the tax officers 🙂

      • kman Says:

        ok but how many time i have to pay the shipment fee?

        and if i cannot find a product in the list, can i email gmarket or they just dont have it?

      • Shipping is based on weight. You pay estimated shipping first. U have to search for products using korean characters as many sellers do not use english characters. What products are u looking for? We can help you look for it on gmarket

  11. kman Says:

    the su:m37 secret program essence
    the su:m37 white award luminiuos treatment
    the su:m 37 losec reviving cream
    the su:m37 youth night repair cream


  12. kman Says:

    wow you are amazing, uhm 80 ml is ok for me
    is this gmarket?
    sad can not read koreans is there english?

    which one i have to choose?

    • no its not gmarket. it is just for you to get the korean names of the products u want. copy and paste the korean names on gmarket to buy it. Lotte Mall doesnt ship overseas btw!

  13. kman Says:

    are they cheaper than gmarket?

    and how to order and pay?

    sorry you just let me discover something new

  14. kman Says:

    1.WA enzyme powder wash
    2. WA clear toner
    3. WA detox mask
    4. Secret programming essence
    5. WA luminous treatment
    6. WA radiance serum
    7. WA essence lotion
    8. WA radiance cream
    9.youth activator the night treatment
    10. youth activator night repair cream
    11.losec skin reviving cream?

  15. kman Says:

    oh i see they give you disount? is that right? so i think lotte is cheaper than gmarket?

  16. lily Says:

    thanks for the useful information.

    i have order a total of three times from gmarket. and each time i have to spam them with inquiries.

    goodness the oos thing happen on my third order which will be arriving on monday. i ordered three pair of shoes from the seller and she canceled them one by one slowly. talk about delay in shipping and complicated mess.

    i was so piss. but anyways lol sorry for the rant. do you know how i can order nature republic skincare items oversea. i only see thier domestic shipping option.

    • Yes, we had a problem lately. we combined two shippings lately. and the seller cancelled one the shipments. so we re-ordered again and we were not allowed to combine shipping. They only allow us to combine once even if the order is cancelled! So we paid so much more in shipping than we should have.

      For Nature Republic, they do not open overseas shipping because they have outlet overseas in other countries that sell it for much more expensive prices.. hehe. Innisfree also stopped their international shipping lately.

      The big brands who still ship internationally are Tony Moly, Innisfree, Holika holika, banilaco, dr jart, etc

  17. aangela Says:

    They have really cheap nature republic products over at gmarket international.. but cant buy them!!! Anyone know of korea company that will help to purchase and bring over?

  18. […] GMarket’s Hidden Freebies and How i would Change GMarket November 2010 38 comments 3 […]

  19. Luvluv Says:

    wow…how did u manage to know all these if u cant read korean!
    u are amazing! love ur blogpost on these couponssss

    • thanks for your support! we update the page from time to time so check back often and spread the word around ! hopefully Hope In A Blog will have a beauty section on Gmarket!

  20. Joseibi Says:

    Wow, that’s great you took the time to help us all, hopeinablog! 🙂 Gmarket looks daunting to me. I cannot wrap my head around it most of the time! I ended up buying from kgoodshop (ebay ID) and the guy is very nice, knows good English, ships and packs fast and good.

    I bought the su:m37 Secret Programming Essence 80ml from him for US$75 including shipping (registered air mail, took 4 business days to arrive from Korea to Canada).

    I agree with you, Gmarket needs to make the site more user friendly. Information overload and the English (or the lack thereof). If you have a section there that would help us english users!! 🙂

    Thanks again for all the tips!

  21. Joseibi Says:

    Thanks, hope! good to know!

  22. Shirl Says:

    I can’t be bothered with it. It’s a pain in the a@@ and I prefer ebay. It’s ugly and not very well laid out. A list of reliable ebayers that sell geniune products and have a good grasp of English would be more useful.

  23. mishmash Says:

    Even I who can read korean find it a pain in a butt.

    I don’t understand the asian propensity to clutter the screen with text text text and flashing graphics! And I’m asian!!!

  24. nami Says:

    hi hope…you are really very helpful but this gmarket thing is really such a pain …i got headache everytime i opened it..i wish it was more user friendly..flashing graphics are like cherry on the cake:)

    • thanks. hope the tutorial 1 – 7 will help you!

      • nami Says:

        hi hope…yes they are..u bet without your tutorials i was not even able to understand a single thing but still i have confusion..can you plz tell me can i use credit card or there is some restriction like i have to use paypal(like ebay)..i dont have a paypal account..i dont know do they charge any fee from the buyers..some say its free..i want to order some history of whoo samples…i dont understand the payment method..can you help me out

  25. nami Says:

    can you tell me what is CASH BALANCE on gmarket

  26. Zeek Says:

    OMG! This really sux. Super coupons don’t seems to work for Cosmetic/Fragrance/Beauty anymore -_-

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