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Gmarket’s Guide October 23, 2010

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Hi Readers,

There are tons of tutorials on how to shop on Gmarket so i’m not gonna touch on that, but rather i’ll be focusing on how to look for items on Gmarket, and also talking about the various brands found on Gmarket.

Here are some common Korean words you will need to type when searching for things :

1) Derma Rollers – search for MTS

2) BB Creams – search for BB크림, or 비비크림

3) Cleansers – 클렌저

4) Serum – 세럼

5) Toner – 스킨 (Skin) 토너 (Toner)

6) Mask –  마스크

7) Sunblock – 선블럭

8) Eye Cream – 아이 크림

9) Emulsion – 에멀젼

10) Gel – 젤

11) Mist – 미스트

I would also like to add on to Lotus Palace’s Gmarket Brands list :

Banila Co. 바닐라코

Belita Lala “My Secret Editor” 벨리타라라

Cathy Cat 캐시캣

Clamue 끌라뮤

Clio 클리오

Dream Cosmetic드림코스메틱

Dr. Jart닥터자르트

Elisha Coy엘리샤코이

Enprani 엔프라니

Etude House 에뛰드하우스

HanSkin 한스킨

Innisfree 이니스프리

Jadilla J제이딜라제이

Laneige 라네즈


Lotree 로트리

Missha 미샤

Nanas’B 나나스비

Nature Republic 네이처 리퍼릭

Peripera 페리페라

Skin 79 스킨79

SkinFood 스킨푸드

Sulhwasoo 설화수

The Face Shop 더페이스샵

Tony Moly 토니모리

VOV보브 ( add 캐슬듀 for Castledew series)

Zamian 자미안

Here are the add-ons for the less famous brands but the ones i love :

1) Suiskin –  스위스킨

2) Hera – 헤라

3) Isa Knox – 이자녹스

Capture Capture5

4) DR MJ and Escargot (에스카르고)  – However they don’t seem to be very helpful and have refused to reply to my mails (check out their website)

5) VIVITO – new brand that uses roses

6) IPKN 입큰 – the brand that was recently involved in the BB Cream scandal

7) CNP Laboratory – 차앤박

8) Berrisom – 베리썸

9) Sooryehan – 수려한

10) History of Whoo – 더 히스토리 오브 후 (LG’s answer to Amore Pacific’s best sellet Sulwhasoo)

11) Coreana – 코리아나

12) Reskin – 리스킨

13) Danahan – 다나한

14) Sun 37 – 숨37

images (1)

15 ) LJH Cellabel – 이지함

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2 Responses to “Gmarket’s Guide”

  1. Lucile Says:

    I just registered on Gmarket : but I wanted to edit my personnal infos (address) and so I typed my password, and I got a message going “your password caution level is low, please change it in your personnal infos”, si I tried again to get there and I still had to type my password and the same message appeared, not letting me editing anything, so basically i’m stuck ! This is so damn stupid !! 😥

  2. this is what happens with most of the users. During registration, you have to tick on all the boxes (to receive emails from Gmarket)

    THere are basically two passwords on Gmarket, one is to the normal account, one is to the Gmarket Account (where u can edit your personal details such as address).

    First of all, try to get a code. Click on forget password and they will send u a code to your email , check your spam mail too for the code.

    If u cannot find any emails regarding your code, it is most probably because u didnt tick on those boxes when singing up.

    So the only thing u can do here is to write an email to and request to change your password.

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