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Hope In A Blog’s FIRST review giveaway! October 19, 2010

In conjunction with the launch of Hope In A Blog, and also Hope In A Blog’s FIRST ever Freebies Giveaway, we are also lauching our Review Giveaways from today!

What exactly is a Review Giveaway?

Hope In A Blog will be giving out sample( s ) to lucky readers for them to submit a review on the item!

Am I Eligible?

Anyone who has a passion for skincare is eligible to enter the Review Giveaway. Of course, your passion must be translated into reviews to share your thoughts of the products with other users.

Are there any conditions to this?

NO! They are absolutely no strings attached. Hope In The Blog will bear expense for all costs including shipping. All we hope for is for readers who win the Review Giveaway be honest enough to keep their end of the bargain and write a review on the products. We trust our readers Sourire

How do i enter?

It’s simple! First of all join us at our Facebook page (click here! ) , be a subscriber to our blog (you can HOPE! yourself by entering your email on the right side bar) , and follow us on Twitter (click here! ). We will be giving surprise Review Giveaways or even Free Gifts from time to time so check back often on our facebook and twitter page.

We will pick a reader for the Review Giveaways on Facebook and Twitter (you’ll see the sneak preview of what we are giving away to review on the blog first)

On Facebook : You’d have to go to our facebook page, and leave a comment (and your email)  on the Review Giveaway status.

On Twitter : Just retweet on the Review Giveaway tweet with your email address!

And of course for those readers who have totally no idea how to use Facebook and Twitter, just leave a comment on the blog (however, you may miss the surprise/spontaneous giveaways on Facebook and Twitter!)

Review Giveaway #1

LJH CELLABEL Time Perfection Cell Active Recovery Balm SPF25 contains Plant Cell Carrier

We are going to start the first ever Hope In A Blog’s Review Giveaway with a BLAST!

Why BLAST? Simply because this thing costs a bomb! It retails for about  48,000 won (30euros – already considered a high end range BB cream).

Packed inside this BB Cream are of course Plant Cells which consists of Centella Asiatica Meristem Cell Culture, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Acacia Senegal Flower, Citrus Peel, and Madecassoside.

What are you waiting for?


8 Responses to “Hope In A Blog’s FIRST review giveaway!”

  1. Maria Says:

    hi! is this giveaway open for international readers also? i would like to be in! 😉

  2. Hope In A Blog Says:

    yes everyone!

    • maria Says:

      great! you know, i found your page in facebook but i was able only to leave a message on “board”, i can’t see there the option “to add as a friend”…

  3. Amber Gi Says:

    I would like to be in on this!!

  4. […] forget that there is the Review Giveaway and also Hope In A Blog’s first ever Blog […]

  5. Lucile Says:

    Hey ! I just joined your facebook group ! =)

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