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First Ever Hope-In-A-Blog Giveaway! October 19, 2010



To launch this blog, We will be giving away 2 BB creams for free (including shipping) !

Update :

And the winner is…


Click to find out the details !


And the winner of this contest is  Angelina Wang (Yuri) .

Please e-mail us your details !








The first BB Cream would be a full-size Hanskin Control BB Cream.

The latter would be a rather new Korean brand called the Crazy MonkeY BB Cream which we have come to really like and love (reviews coming soon).

How can you win this competition ?

It’s simple.

1) HOPE! yourself up to this blog (to HOPE! yourself up, please enter your email address at the Subscription widget on the right)

On the comments section below :

2) Tell us how you would advertise this blog so that more people would know about this site

3) Tell us what you would like to see more on this blog

4) Write your name and email and the comments below


Join us on both Facebook and Twitter

Click here: Facebook Page and here : Twitter Page

Competition ends on the 19/12/2010 .

The one with most creative/constructive comment will be picked as the winner !

User will be notified via their facebook, twitter or email so make sure to join the pages Sourire

Wishing you all good skin!

Hope In A Blog

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23 Responses to “First Ever Hope-In-A-Blog Giveaway!”

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  3. Lucile Says:

    Well to advertise this blog, I think you should definately have its address written on a lorry 😀 Or this would be a really nice name for somthing like a school or a church haha.
    I really like the fact that you describe every single bb cream that you’ve tried (and they are numerous !) because i’m searching for one at the moment…
    But maybe you should try to review some other products than bb creams ? I mean more =)

  4. Swt Azn Qt Says:

    I’d say I would advertise your blog more by telling all of my friends to visit your blog! XP I also like how you got all of the BB Cream shades to show us how the swatches of each shade look like and how you tested them to see if they were oil-free or not because I’ve never seen anyone else’s blog who tested the same things as you did! XD As well, I want to see more reviews on other BB Creams please as I’m looking for a BB cream for myself but I don’t know which one is the best BB Cream to choose since there’s a lot of BB Creams out there on the market right now! =^_^=

  5. Christine Says:

    You should partner up with a blog that sells skin care products so that you can each advertise each other as they provide you samples to try out. Affiliating with other sites related to skin products (not necessarily sellers though, maybe buyers or other beauty review sites) is good too. I’ve seen in a lot of clothing blogshops a part of the sidebar labeled Sites We Love. Traffic can go both ways? 😀
    You could also provide a codebox for a picture that links to your blog to make it easy for people to copy and paste the link onto their sites.
    And of course tell everyone you know about the blog. :’D
    I love that you follow and review new products. It’s great to find out what new stuff people are coming up with. And the online coupons/shopping tips are great too.
    Maybe include a You Might Be Interested In… section at the end of each post? At least when you have enough products mentioned to be able to do that.
    And is it possible to cut the ends of posts so only a preview is shown on the archive/front page? That would make it a lot easier to scroll through.
    Keep up the awesome work. :’D

  6. N. (Natália) Says:

    I would recommend it around forums and social pages like twitter and Facebook.Unfortunately I don’t have any friends interested in skin care (sigh), but that doesn’t mean I can’t force them to read this amazing blog or advertise it around as well. Hehe~

    I would like to see more reviews on BB creams and other products as well along with more detailed demonstrations. Also affiliations that would bring out discount to readers? I know quite a lot of people like those.
    I would also encourage a bit of revamping on the look of the blog and banner since they look a bit simple and childish. I could even give a hand on the graphics design of the banner though.
    Please don’t take it badly but that’s my impression of things as a avid new reader. I had dismissed this blog at first look because of it’s appearance the first time I found it when I had searched about BB cream, but when I ended here again… I stayed since it’s contents are gold. Really ❤

    • Hi Natalia,

      Thanks! We are always open to criticism to improve our blog! Unfortunately none of us here are graphic nor computer experts, therefore we stick to WordPress’s templates. Once the blog launches and becomes popular, we will definitely look for someone to re-vamp the website! Right now we are focusing on doing great detailed reviews. You’ll never see other english beauty blogs detailing beauty reviews the way we do (moisture analyzer, oil control, viscosity test, etc) . For each review, hours is spent taking photos, waiting, etc, If you have any suggestions for the banners, feel free to send it ! Thanks!

  7. Sana Says:

    Hi !
    I am in love with this blog since I started reading it last week. I recently discovered the world of Japanese/Korean makeup and skincare and am trying to cram as much information as possible as quickly as I can! Already ordered some makeup as well based on reviews from your and other people’s blogs.
    I would advertise your blog more through facebook where if you create your own page and then have people like it to enter giveaways etc. Also, have a share via twitter or facebook links after every post (which I haven’t checked but you may already have). Finally, I would have guest writers on the blog too! This way when they write something they will be sure to invite their friends to read it and your circulation will grow!

    P.S. I did have a question about how I can buy Whoo samples for a specific Whoo product and which is the best website in English to order them from? I live in the US.

  8. Sana Says:

    Yes, but which gmarket? There are several and they are not in English…
    I went here and then, then selected English and saw three. The korean one is in English but didn’t have Whoo. The japanese one is not in English.

    I want the following product:
    History of Whoo Gongjinhyang:Seol Brightening Peel Off Pack

  9. Yuri Says:

    Well, the contest has probably ended but here are my thoughts anyways: I’d not just hold contests(which you’re already doing), but I’d also add in skincare tips and encourage readers to input their thoughts about certain products. And also, guest reviews or articles are good too. I’d also like to see an indicator on whether that certain product is good for what type of skin: oily, normal, dry, etc.? And maybe under what climate too? Because you see, certain products are tailored for certain climates so that affects how they’d perform in other countries.

    Some more things about this site: I’d prefer to see the “stickies” with a brief summary and then you click on them to read the full post. That’s because when I first came to your site, i’d a lot of trouble trying to find certain posts because they were at the bottom!

    Also, maybe a “email this page to your friends” function or one of those toolbars with bookmark functions would work, Diggit button too, etc.

    Now, what else would I want? I like your site’s layout however, I dislike the way the tags keep resetting their positions. =P You know, the “tig tag toe” thing?

    Also, personally, I’d like to see a list of the most recent comments too.

    Finally, I think you might want to consider merging the “Tig tag toe” list and the “where do i fit in?” list because both seem to serve the same function: directing visitors/readers to a specific page(s)/category?

    And advertising the blog? Not just exchange of links or bookmarks with other sites, how about Youtube videos? Or simple tutorials that you do on other sites: like the tutorial shows up on the other sites first and then, it shows up here later. I’d thought about Myspace but that’s very troublesome to do. I also doubt you guys need a forum since a WP blog is more like a very mini version of that and a CMS too.

    Angelina Wang is my name. =)

  10. Yuri Says:

    Btw, thanks for selecting me as the winner. =) Though, I must warn you that since I’m somewhere around nc15 to nc20, that might really skew off the review. 😀

    I’ll be emailing you soon. 🙂

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