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Vichy AERA Mineral BB Cream October 16, 2010


Vichy, a huge and very famous French pharmaceutical cosmetic brand has hopped in the BB Cream bandwagon and announced it’s first BB Cream.


I do not know if it will be exclusively sold only in Asia, but i have not seen this around in Paris.


I could not find any information about this on the net yet, so if u have, please do share with other readers.


However, i do know that this is a mineral BB cream and it is also fragrance and paraben free.


For those of you who are curious of the color, here is two links (however they are in Chinese) :


Dr Jart Acne-X Spot Out




Dr Jart has been slowly building up it’s name in Korea, and quickly becoming the best selling BB Cream manufacturer in Korea. I myself have read and heard many raving reviews about it’s Silver Label BB Cream.

I decided to try out Dr Jart’s Acne-X so see how it’s skincare line would fare.




Trouble Treatment Gel.Great effects for troubles relax and treats from the roots of troubles

Immediate Effects

Trouble treatment gel has the great effects to remove pimples and troubles immediately.

Pull out the root of the troubles

Synergy effect from Selemix AN and natural ingredients treats troubles intensively.

Protects skin from external irritation

Controls the sebum and clogged pores.

Remove troubles with fast acting ingredients.

Easy to carry and use

Compact size. Frequent use will maximize the results.



: The product itself looks like a pen. It even functions like one, but instead of ink coming out, you have the gel coming out. The box itself is simple and nice, giving an impression of the hospital first aid logo, white and red, which coincidentally (or purposely) is the logo of Dr Jart. At the top of the ‘pen’ , we are able to ‘lock’ the product by twisting it to right, therefore when we click on it, no gel will be released. To release the gel, turn it to the left, and ‘click’ on it like how you would click on a pen, and the acne gel will be released on the tip. You could appear it directly on your acne with the pen tip. Have to say that it’s the first time i’ve used a product built this way. Very interesting and innovative. However, when we directly apply the gel to the breakout areas, the pen tip would probably be contaminated. So for me, i’ll rather apply some gel on my finger first before i apply it on my breakouts.


Retail price is around 16$ USD for a mere 10ml. I find it kind of pricey.


This product claims to have a fast acting formula that eliminates acne breakouts. I’ve tried it a few times, and i’m not entirely impressed with this product but i wouldn’t say that it doesn’t work. With some breakouts, it did calm them down the next day, and usually by day 2-3, the breakouts will be gone, however it turned into my magic product once it’s combined together with my Bare Minerals Blemish Treatment (review coming soon) . Spots disappear overnight , if not they are reduced by half of its size.



Selemix AN : Intensive trouble care

Camphor : Soothing trouble

Rhus semialatu extract : Control sebum

Aloe vera extract : Calming skin

Beta-Glucan : Caring sensitive skin


I threw away the box and forgot to take a picture of the ingredient list. But however, i can see that the conventional anti-acne ingredients like BHA (salicylic acid), glycolic acid were not listed as the main ingredients here.

I do see Beta-Glucan which appears in higher end BB creams and in Asian Skincare, but not huge in Western Skincare. B-Glucans are mostly cellulose in plants or the cell wall in certain fungi/mushrooms(e.g shiitake mushroom). They are known to have the ability to activate the immune system. Also, it has been found that B-Glucans can prevent infection and kills pathogenic bacteria, which is probably the main reason it is incorporated into the formula.

Camphor, found from the wood of the Camphor tree which is found in Asia (Taiwan and East Malaysia) – and well known for its strong aromatic scent is mainly used in cooking and medicinal purposes. You’ll probably find this on your Vicks, Tiger Balm, as it has that cooling effect of Menthol(Mint). It acts as a antimicrobial substance. Indians use a lot of Camphor during their religious ceremonies.

Rhus semialatu is a tree found in the north east of India. Note that it excretes liquid gall, compromised of mainly tannins, which reacts with proteins to produce the ‘tanning’ effect which is important for treatment of inflamed or ulcerated tissues (antimicrobial properties ). It is also known to have astringent quality , which you will find in almost all of your toners, that has the ability to shrink or constrict your body tissues (advertised as pore-shrinking)

Of course, probably the star ingredient in Dr Jart’s Acne-X line is Selemix AN. It is a mix of a few extracts, the main one being Selebean,  a natural mineral extracted from soybean sprouts. It has moisturizing and collagen-increasing effects. The other extracts include Magnolia Bark extract – famous for its anti-allergy, anti-inflammation , anti-acne properties.


I’ve also found an interesting lab report on SelemixAN :


Different concentrations of Selemix AN was mixed with acne bacterias, and as you can see from the pictures above, the one with the highest percentage of Selemix AN has the clearest solution.




This product is either a hit or miss. However, i would not say it is a totally useless product. Do not expect miracles ,and wait for 2-3 days to see effect of this product. Try mixing it around with your other anti-acne products to see if it increases the effectiveness of it ( and report back! ). Note that there is Jumbo version of the product (which is 30ml instead of the 10ml) and it retails for around 58,000 won. Yes. keep this product away from the sun as UV Rays degrades Selemix-AN!







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