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Enprani Ray Shot BB Cream SPF 25++ October 10, 2010






I had a really bad experience with this ebay seller ( libra038 and gemini something). First off she sent me this bb cream without the packaging and the BB was not sealed !! She gaved me a USED BB cream. So all of you be careful if you deal with this seller. Enprani is quite a classy brand, therefore, one should expect nothing short of Wowness from their packaging. You can get this on Gmarket , complete with the original box and a 20ml free gift mini tube of this BB cream. The color of the tube is silver which reflects and shine when exposed to sunlight. I think they chose this color because once you smear some BB Cream on your hand and rub it, it gives the same effect and color of the tube.



Nothing fancy about the list of ingredients here, other than the main feature was for ‘whitening’. I couldn’t find anything online but i suspect since it’s for whitening, Arbutin has got to be in there somewhere.


I was deeply impressed with the texture of this BB cream. It is currently top on my list. It’s very easy to apply this BB cream and melts right on the skin. It doesnt have any sticky feeling to it, nor oily but a moist feeling. A Big Plus!


The color is rather light, and grey undertone is quite apparent. But once it melts on your skin, it gives a very nice glow, and doesnt give that white cast skin tone that some BB creams do. Natural and makes you glow! Sourire There isn’t any glitter/shimmer involved.



Coverage is good with this. It isn’t too heavy which probably some girls would not like, but as a guy, i find the coverage just nice for me!

alt alt

Oil Control

Oil control isn’t very good for this product, but those with combination-dry would best fit this product. I am more to the oily side, but i still love using this product.

I compared this BB cream with the Crazy Monkey BB cream (which i will do a review later)  and the results were as below (picture taken every 4 hours) :

alt alt alt alt

Check out more comparison with other BB Creams by clicking here


This BB is one of my favourite ones. I was really impressed with Enprani’s Ray Shot that i placed an order on the other Enprani BB Creams. I also found out that Enprani has released a new BB cream off the Ray Shot line called Ray Shot GOLD BB cream , which i will give it a miss eventhough i love the Rayshot BB because it contains gold and glitter , which is a no-no for me!


You can find both BB creams @ Gmarket at an affordable price 🙂 Much cheaper than buying it in retail stores.

Rating :


Coeur rougeCoeur rougeCoeur rougeCoeur rougeCoeur rougeCoeur rougeCoeur rougeCoeur rougeCoeur brisé




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