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Bio Magic Moisture White Sun Balm SPF 50 ++ September 19, 2010

First off, a little introduction on the Bio-Magic brand.

Bio Magic is the Korea latest cosmetic brand launching in year 2007, a make up series with breathing pore make up concept. It has been the top sale make up series in TV shopping Mall in Korea for 2 years in a row.  In year 2008, Bio Magic has expanded the market to Taiwan and Japan. It has successfully created a big hit last year.

RYK is the distributer of Bio-Magic in Malaysia.

You can check out their website :

They do have a few BB creams which are not featured in the website. The prices of the BB cream are a little steep (starting off at around RM 150++).

I stumbled upon this brand in my sister’s room. She bought the Bio-Magic Moisture White Sun Balm SPF 50 ++ and was quite impressed with it.

They were having promotions at Isetan@Gardens, so i went straight up to the counter to take a look at it. According to the sales girl, the Bio Magic Maven Pearl Shining BB Cream is more suitable for oily- combination skin. I tried it on my skin and there were glimmer-y glitter (which is a no no for guys) so i told the sales girl that i do not want something that has glitter on my face. She then told me that the glitter would ‘disappear’ once you apply it on your face so she tried it on me. I must say back then i didnt see any glitter on my face, the texture was light, color was natural.

I then asked the sales girl “Why does it glitter on my hand and not on my face? (because it didnt seem logical )” and she replied truthfully that she “doesn’t know”. So i bought it at Rm148 and when i went home, alas!, i noticed how glimmer-y it was on my face, it was like a disco ball and there is no way i would use that. I didnt have time to change because i had to rush to the airport for my flight back to Paris, so i exchanged the glitter ball bb cream with my sister’s Bio Magic Moisture White Sun Balm SPF 50++. ( My sister than scolded me on MSN telling me that the BB cream made her look like a disco ball and it was too dark for her )

So that was how the story how i ended up with the Moisture White Sun Balm SPF 50++. Funny that i couldnt find any photos or information regarding this BB. It isn’t listed on the Bio-Magic website.


The packaging is simple yet elegant. Nothing very fancy about it, pleasant to the eyes. It uses the airless dispenser which is always a ++ because it’s much more hygienic. HOWEVER, there is something very very annoying about this airless dispenser. I don’t know if it’s a packaging default or because the packaging’s quality is compromised due to saving costs, but it really bugs me. Over time, there is some pressure issue with the pump. There has been many times where the dispenser doesnt pump the cream out after pressing it 50 times and all of a sudden, with one push, all the cream blurts out of the dispenser. Paying RM 150++ for a cream, i do not expect so much trouble from it. I wrote an email to Bio-Magic Malaysia regarding this, and they told me that there is a tiny hole at the bottom of the dispenser, and i would have to push a stick through the hole and push the cream up.  Just the trouble and frustration of the packaging makes me NOT want to ever buy this BB cream anymore. And if that’s the case with all their BB creams, they should provide a “stick” in every bottle so clients can “PUSH” the cream up when nothing comes out. Incroyable!



I would say that the shade is about NC-20 , has a pink rosy undertone. Does blend pretty well with the skin, and you will look fairer and natural.


One of the plus points of this product is its texture, it doesnt feel oily and the texture is rather pleasant to work with. It does moisturize your skin , but for those with dry skin it is probably not enough.


It has a nice light scent to it.

Oil Control

I don’t think its made for those with oily skin, but however the texture isn’t unpleasant to work with. It is rather light and doesn’t feel uncomfortable or oily after applying it. However, after a few hours, you would probably need to blot..


I like this product, and i would use it again and again. But due to its packaging problems, i probably would’nt repurchase it anytime soon.


6.5 Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartBroken heart/ 10 ( – 2 Red heartRed heartdue to packaging! )

I can’t talk about ingredients because i dont have the box with me and i can’t find it online!


2 Responses to “Bio Magic Moisture White Sun Balm SPF 50 ++”

  1. king Says:

    Please check for the latest update about this BB Cream

  2. i’m a big fan of bio magic cosmetic range
    i tot i cannot live without bio magic foundation
    however i agreed with you with poor packaging

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